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New Land
Rating: PG
For 500 years we have been hearing about the myth of the extinction of the Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. And despite the harrowing experience of European invasion and colonialism beginning with Christopher Columbus, the Kalinago have survived these destructive genocidal attempts. This documentary journeys into the island of Dominica to tell the true story of the last remaining Indigenous people in the Lesser Antilles who have lived in the protected community of the Kalinago Territory for generations. Their stories--of resistance, resilience, and survival--are told through the voices of the first Kalinago representative in the national government and the youngest Kalinago chief as they strive to protect and celebrate their culture and history in a changing political, environmental and social landscape. more information: www.yellowmountainspaces.com Production by: Time of Motion Grenada Film Company Produced by: Teddy D. Frederick Tom Heinemann Photography by: Josef Sindelka Music Sound track by: Targhyl Thomas (Bod Da Phoenix)



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